Hess Toy Trucks

Hess, Texaco, & Oil Company Toy Trucks
Here at Beer Neons for Sale, we have been toy truck dealers since the early 80’s. While not brewery related, these trucks are a blast to collect. Originally intended for young kids at Christmas, the majority of these toys have been collected by us “Big Kids”. Hess and Texaco have led the way in longevity. In the 90’s, it was hard to find a major oil company that didn’t have it’s own version for sale in December. Currently, Hess has continued with it’s truck promotion, although they exited many retail markets in the past few years. Here’s your chance to fill in that collection missing a year or two. All trucks are mint-in-box condition, unless otherwise stated. I will be posting Toy Truck POS items issued to the stores, including signage, countertop displays, buttons, glasses, Christmas ornaments, etc.

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