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Here at Beer Neons for Sale, check out our large selection of ceramic beer steins for your home bar, man cave, or office. These steins make a great back-bar display. There are literally tons of steins on the market from most every beer company. Domestically speaking, A/B (Anheuser-Busch) has more ceramic steins out than anyone. I’ve known many collectors over the years that have specialized in steins and they have some unbelievable collections. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the Budweiser Holiday Stein Series made by Ceramarte that started in 1980 and continues today. Other than a few sports issues that I’ve had along the way, the bulk of my stock available for sale are the Budweiser Holiday Steins. Some people call these beer mugs, since they don’t have a lid as does a traditional stein. Technically, they’re “unlidded” steins. The early Bud beer steins were loose packed. Later issues will include a box. Also, I have a limited supply of holiday beer steins from Miller, Coors, and Stroh’s. Our stock is always changing so, check back often! Any questions, please contact me.

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