Beer Patio Umbrellas

Here at Beer Neons for Sale, check out our large selection of beer umbrellas for your home bar, pool area, or that beach trip. We carry several different grades of patio umbrellas, so, read the detail page on each item. Some umbrellas, like the St. Pauli Girl, Bass, Tetley’s, and Hacker-Pshorr, are the same heavy canvas type that you would see outside at a restaurant. Other beer brands, like the Peroni, Dab, Moretti, and Hoegaarden umbrellas, use a lighter weight canvas and are more suitable for use at your home patio or pool area. Don’t be afraid to haul one to the beach for some shade (and to look cool). Ideal for tailgating this fall at the football games! Patio umbrellas are a great way for beer and liquor companies to advertise at restaurants and bars. Our stock is always changing so, check back often! Any questions, please contact me.

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